Sterilization plays very essential part during the various dental procedures that prevents the transmission of various diseases which may occur due to leaving micro organism. We have a trained staff for the sterilization of dental instruments. The Various modes of sterilization which are used are -

1. Autoclave: It destroys all kind of micro organisms. This is the best method of sterilization all over the world.

Equipment characteristics:

  • Low maintenance, enameled metal case.
  • Easy, convenient operation.
  • Fully automatic program process for the monitoring and logging of sterilisation parameters.
  • Serial interface, to be connected to a printer or a PC.
  • Programs for the quicker sterilisation of unwrapped and solid instruments.
  • Water quality control.
  • Choice of water circulation or instrument-protecting one-way system.
  • Safety due to info-display and electric door locking.
  • Drying function and pre-heating function for better drying results.

2. Chemical sterilization

3. Glass Bead Sterilizer: Within few seconds it sterilizes all kind of instrument

4. Forminlin Chamber

5. Syringe Destroyer

6. Disposable Material: Hand Gloves, Face Mask, Syringes.

7. Medical Waste: As a responsible orgnisation, we dispose our medical waste according to the law of Haryana Pollution Control Board.

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